Analysis and Studies

Data, values and smart communication are all intertwined in political discourse. We offer sound analysis and studies to map out the discourses, actors and topics surrounding you. This forms the basis of your story.

Messages, story guides and narratives

Messages are the billboards, and narratives shape the story of your project. In a story guide, we formulate your most important arguments, prepare you for common criticism, questions, counter-arguments and, most important, target groups.

This helps you maintain a confident, clear and graphic communication style.

Editorial consultancy and training

Well-written copy is effective. We help you polish your arguments for internal and external publications. Our training offers you a stage to practice presenting your message and hone your communication skills through mock presentations, role playing and media training.


A convincing story is built on clear questions: What outcomes are you aiming for? Who do you want to motivate, persuade or enlighten? Which questions do you encounter most often? When do you feel confident? What makes you insecure?

We dive into your world and help you develop your own consistent, convincing and visual message. We accompany the process with analysis, story guides and training.

“Every strong image will become a reality.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry