Strategy, Rhetoric and Facilitation

(r)evolutionäre Ideen is a Berlin-based consultancy offering strategy development, communication and facilitation services. We work with clients in the fields of politics, civil society and research.

Our approach incorporates traditional strategy consulting with participation and design. We have designed a strategy map that allows you to visualise, design and manage your projects. The map enables you to foster a common strategic vision, participation and communication which create a lasting impression.

The way we work: revolutionary goals, evolutionary paths

You have an idea you want to flesh out, make easy to understand and share.

Maybe you are aiming for change or have a revolutionary goal in mind, but something is holding you back.

Using our strategy map, we guide you down the road to your goals by taking evolutionary steps and involving a variety of experts who bring in new perspectives. We design and test concepts early on. Our results are clear and elegant.